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  • My Turning Point 

    Morrow, Madison (2021-02-02)
    Two perspectives of life and what can change them.
  • Following in Her Footsteps 

    Ghanem, Rodina (2021-02-12)
    In part 1, I talk about my experience as a senior in high school through COVID and I reflect on the instability COVID caused everyone. In part 2, I talk about my grandmother's move to Sudan in pursuit of her studies and ...
  • My Family's Defining Moments 

    Warren, Alexis (2021-02-08)
    Different defining/life changing events in my life and my grandparents lives.
  • Testing the Waters & 44 Years 

    Lazaro, Joshua (2021-02-11)
    Part 1: A first generation student explaining the importance of Diversity in Stem and his experiences. Part 2: The anecdote of a father facing a deportation trail.
  • A New Found Perspective 

    Uriegas, Ian (2021-02-11)
    The work is about a defining moment in my life and a defining moment in my mother's life.

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